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Electric Wiring Installed Safely in Fort Fairfield & Northern Maine

Electricity in homes, businesses, and industrial areas is important. Almost every appliance runs on some type of electricity that has to be kept in perfect condition for safety. Greenlaw Electric LLC has worked on everything from cable and data line installation to a new home wiring. We are electrical contractors that travel around to your home or business and install or rewire most electrical systems. If you plan to build a house or an addition to your home or business, consider consulting and hiring us as your electrician to get the job done safely. We travel around Fort Fairfield, Maine, to provide prompt and professional services. Call Greenlaw Electric LLC at (207) 472 - 6072 or contact us online for a free estimate.


Be Mindful of Safety, Call Professional Electrical Contractors for Residential & Commercial Electricity

Installation is something that needs to be done correctly. An electrical fire can happen easily and can be difficult to extinguish in a home or business since it occurs inside the wall. Greenlaw Electric LLC is that professional electrician to call in to evaluate your electrical system and recommend changes. We have professional electricians that have over 20 years of experience in the field. We are also a member of the National Small Business Association and an Efficiency Maine Qualified Partner. We have emergency services available to any who need assistance right away to prevent extensive electrical system damages from happening. When you call Greenlaw Electric LLC, you can rest assured that the job is completed properly and your electrical systems are in working order.

Get Electric Wiring Installed Correctly the First Time

Get peace of mind from Greenlaw Electric LLC, and know that your electrical system is installed properly. You need an experienced electrical contractor like Greenlaw Electric LLC to install it correctly the first time. Call us to provide you with a free estimate on all electrical work. Our professional electricians work quickly and efficiently on the electric wiring in your residential, commercial, and industrial area. We offer free estimates for all customers. Call the professionals at Greenlaw Electric LLC first to evaluate and install the job you need done.

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