GREENLAW ELECTRIC LLCIndustrial Electrical Contractors in Central & Northern Maine

Electrical Repair and Industrial Site Needs.

Industrial work is difficult and needs a lot of electricity to do. Greenlaw Electric LLC knows that many industrial areas run on a large amount of electricity to get the job done. We are the electrical contractors who will take care of any electrical installation or repair at your industrial site.  We can install wiring and repair it to keep your facility up and running. If you have an industrial building or area that needs electrical work, call Greenlaw Electric LLC at (207) 472 6072 or contact us online for a free estimate.

20 Years of Experience with Electrical Wiring

Greenlaw Electric LLC is an expert electric contractor in the Northern Maine area. We have over 20 years of experience working in industrial buildings on the electrical wiring. Our professional electricians work quickly to provide you with an electrical system that will work the first time. You will not need to call electrical contractors often to fix the large and complex electrical wiring in an industrial area. Some of the services we provide for large buildings with lots of machinery like this include:

Fuse Box Upgrades
Electric Panel Upgrades
Rewiring of Old Construction
New Construction Electric
Business Electrical Inspection
Surge Protection
Cable Television

Electrical Upgrades
Electrical Repairs
Telephone Lines
Data Lines
Security Lighting
Parking Lot Lighting
Surround Sound Intercoms

Automatic Standby Generators
Manual Generators
Yearly Maintenance
Roto Phase Installation
Add A Phase Installation
Remote Monitoring System Installations

Industrial Area

Quickly Fixing Large Emergencies in Industrial Areas

Industrial buildings have a lot of machinery and other items that use large amounts of electricity. Greenlaw Electric LLC knows that complex systems like this can have something go wrong at anytime. We are proud to be a member of the National Small Business Association and an Efficiency Maine Qualified Partner. With large problems like this, we send our certified professionals over right away to fix the problem and get the industrial business back up and running.

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